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  • Best Internship Platform For Internship
    Mrunal K Zinzuvadia
    Dharmsinh Desai University, Vadodara, Gujarat Course: Industrial Safety

    It was a nice experience infact I would say it was for than I was expecting. And the content for Industrial Safety at beginner's level was perfect for an individual to properly understand how things Work!

  • Feedback for internship
    Abdoul Moumouni Sawadogo
    Sharda University, Greater Noida, U.P Course: Industrial Automation Using PLC

    I really enjoyed the internship as the modules were made very neat and understandable. Besides that, the videos provided helped me for a better understanding.

  • best experience with internshipwala
    Kriti Gandharva
    College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur, Rajasthan Piping Systems

    My experience with internshipwala was excellent. As it provide me a detailed description of my course(Piping System) with other useful topics of teamwork and management. Overall it was a great experience.

  • very good experience at InternshipWala
    Swagat Sarthak Kumar
    College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneshwar

    It was a very good experience at InternshipWala. There are lots of things to learn. I am very happy to choose InternshipWala platform for my internship.

  • online internship
    Mandavilli Hari Santhosh Kumar
    Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

    Yes, it is my wonderful opportunity to get the things in a industrial way which I got through the online internship mode as the offline mode.

  • satisfied with online platform with InternshipWala
    Kumari Anisha Ray
    Government Engineering College, West Champaran

    I have done Building Construction from InternshipWala. It helps me alot in my career. I'm satisfied with online platform InternshipWala. It is a great platform to do internship.

  • img
    Ritu kumari Mahato
    Katihar Engineering College

    This internship helped me understand the difficulties involved in handling database which involves immense experience and research work and thinking according to the user perspective. It has also helped me understand to a level that how the e-commerce websites operates. The constant support and feedback from the company made me improve upon my mistakes and finally deliver the best version of the website possible.


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Online Internship in India

4 Weeks Internship | 6 Weeks Internship

Internship is now a part of the curriculum as per new model syllabus of AICTE. Many universities colleges across India have made internships a part of their curriculum. Doing internships is no longer a choice but a necessity for college students. With more and more employers looking for candidates with prior work experience, internships are the way out for students. They help them gain valuable professional experience and also understand the corporate work culture.

Online Training and Online Internship is becoming very popular among the student community as they are affordable, convenient and flexible. Students can learn the concept at their own time schedule. Online courses also give the students an opportunity to schedule their task according to their convenience..

The concept of Online Internship or Virtual Internship gained momentum after the COVID 19 pandemic. There are lacks of students doing different technical courses in India who have to do 4 weeks Internship or 6 weeks Internship as it is in their syllabus. All these students cannot get a chance to do regular Internship. In such situation, what is the option left? The answer is Online Internship.

The intern gets a chance to learn technical skills, team management, soft skills, work culture, while undergoing training. This is helpful in securing permanent employment in the future. At the end of online internship, the intern gets a Certificate attesting to their training and proficiency in a particular field. This serves as an experience certificate when they seek employment after their training.

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Five Reasons Why Internship Is Necessary For Your Future Profession

One has to do internship to gain experience. Managers in contemporary labor market depend a lot on resumes that show a relevant work history, actual job experience or internships.

Since everything is about competition therefore A practical work background is of paramount importance when trying to enter the job is not only businesses that are participating against each other for a competitive lead, but people are also in a competition to gain the desired position in a company.

Even your friend who graduated with you in college is a competition you are ignorant of.

Take a moment and ponder. If you're trying to gain experience, working as an intern is definitely the best plan of action. A single internship can make a huge difference between winning a job opportunity or losing it.
We have listed few important reasons how internship is important for your future.

1. Internship Provides Experience and Exposure

An internship helps you to gain real life experience of working in the practical world.

Internship helps to learn new Skills and Technology and to practice the concepts learnt in colleges and universities. You get a chance to try your hands on something new which might be highly useful.

You get a chance to meet and connect with different people with different temperament. By working with them you learn a very important skill of working in a team. You learn how to adjust with others. An intern is usually given proper training, assignments, and duties without the added pressure of doing things on time and strictly meeting deadlines. Internships provide a valuable learning experience with exposure to the professional world.

2. Internship Provides an Opportunity to know Yourself Better

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle

Many times during Internship a student get a better understanding of the concepts learnt and whether a particular field of education suits him or not. Sometimes a student of Engineering is not finding the course interesting and he want to switch to some other field may be marketing or entrepreneurship.

The internship will give him a chance to explore what a career in business marketing would be like. By doing internship the student gets a chance to decide whether they wish to continue with their current career path or try something else.

3. You Get Connected and Evolve Full Time

While doing Internship you have a chance to showcase your talent and skills to your senior. Every company needs good people who are skilled in technology and also are dedicated towards his job. Your boss may get impressed and offer a full time job.

You also meet the clients or associates of the company and they may offer a good salary to you if they find you fit for their company too. You get connected with a lot of people in the Industry which helps you ultimately in your career!

4. Internship Helps to build a Professional Resume

Research shows that an employer does not give more than two minutes on your resume. The best way to enhance your resume is by adding relevant experiences. If you do few Internships during your study you can customize your resume according to the job requirement. Your resume reaches the employer before you meet them. It is very important that your resume crates the first impression that the candidate fits to their job position.

The more experience you add to your resume the more is the chance of getting selected in the Job.

5. Helps you to Transform into a Professional

When we pass from a college or university we do not have the experience of the corporate world. We are fresher as they call because we do not know the tricks and tactics of real world. It is here that Internships plays a big role. The gap between the Industry requirement and what we learn in the college is not only about the practical knowledge of technology but also many other skills which we get to learn when we do Internships.

We get to know how to work in a team by adjusting with each member; we know the importance of deadlines and how to complete a work within a given time using the available resources. We understand our strengths and weaknesses; we identify the opportunities and the threats and challenges. In this way we become a professional in dealing with the world!

In this way we see that Internships are very important for a successful career ahead!

Although it is not guaranteed, most employers are always seeking to add value to their organization. With an internship, you're given the opportunity to showcase your talents, commitment, and value to a prospective employer. Furthermore, employers are more inclined to hire you once they have invested time and money to train you.

Given these points, an internship is more than crucial for your future career. An internship is the building blocks necessary for creating the path to a successful career. So next time you're on a gap year or summer break, you might want to consider indulging in a meaningful internship and build towards your future.

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