Industry - Academia - Collaboration

'The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for it Today'.

Famous brands of the past like Ambassador car, Bajaj scooter, Dynora television, HMT watches were some of the most trusted brands at one time but they did not survive eventually. The reason lies in the famous saying 'Change is the only thing that is constant'. Those who can cope with changing times are the ones who have emerged successful.

Academia and Industry are two different worlds which operate on different pedestals. Both have different purposes and different ideologies. However, the rapid pace of change in the outside environment is compelling these two different worlds to come together to address and solve some of the real-world challenges.

According to 'National Employability Report' a major segment of graduates remain unemployable, which is based on a study of more than 1,50,000 engineering students from over 650 colleges, 80% of them were unemployable and only 3% had suitable skills to be employed in software or product market.

One of the approaches to tackle the problem of lacking skill and job readiness is partnerships between the industry and academia. provides a platform for Industry Academia Collaboration with the aim to guide the students by the industry experts so that the students realize early in the career what they are capable of and make them Industry Ready.

Partnering with InternshipWALA for Industry - Academia - Collaboration is totally free. Register with us online and get a Certificate of Collaboration and the above services, we will provide the same at a very nominal charge. However, we arrange at least two Campus Drives every year for our associated Institutes/Departments totally free.

If academic institutes focus on making students ready for the change, inculcate the art of thinking innovatively to solve problems and imbibe behavioral skills with a focus on values, they could reduce the skill gap that students face when they join the workforce of a company.

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